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8th Grade Information

8th Grade Promotion

Standard Practice
1) All passing grades (D- or higher) in the spring semester
2) Students must not have any severe or excessive disciplinary incidents during the spring semester as determined by site administration
3) All debts must be cleared

Appeal Process
1) Students who wish to appeal their denial for participation in the ceremony based on the criteria will be required to submit their appeal in writing to school administration on a standardize appeal form that all schools will use.
2) A list will be created of all students who are appealing that will be provided to staff for input.
3) All K-8 Principals will meet on May 25th to hear appeals in teams of 3 and make the decisions as a team. The principal of an individual student will not participate in the appeal process only students from other schools.

8th Grade Academic and Behavior Requirements 
For Year-End Field Trips

Academic Performance
Students must meet the following academic requirements for the second semester as of 3 weeks prior to first trip:
1)  2.0 grade point average or above in the 5 CORE classes (Math, English, History, Science, PE).
2)  Passing grade (D- or higher) in all classes, including electives, for spring semester.
(A student with an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) may be required to meet different standards as specifically stated in her/his IEP instead of the 2.0 GPA)

1)  Students must attend 95% of all school days during the second semester (missing no more than 5 days).
All absences, excused and unexcused, illness, incomplete study contracts and suspensions, count toward calculation of this attendance rate.
(Exceptions MAY be allowed for medical conditions and/or family emergencies upon review).
Any day in which a student has been truant for one or more periods will count as a day of absence.
2)  Ten or more tardies (in the 2nd semester) will cause a student to be ineligible for field trips.
(Exceptions MAY be allowed for FIRST period tardies only upon review)

Students must demonstrate appropriate behavior in and out of the classrooms. Students shall have:
1)  No more than 2 referrals for second semester from Southport staff.
2)  No full day suspensions, on or off campus. 
3)  No more than 2 class suspensions for an individual teacher or 3 total class suspensions.

NO appeals will be granted for students who do not meet the above requirements. The only exceptions are as noted in the attendance section and any violations of the academic or conduct requirements will result in exclusion from the field trips.