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The Updated Parent/Student Portal Portal has launched! The Homelink landing page now includes directions on how to set up an account, including school site contact information, screencast, and information that the portal is available on mobile devices.  

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"Our mission is to improve the academic performance of all students in order to prepare them for their future.  Working hand in hand in the spirit of cooperation between the school, parents, students, and community, we will provide a safe and happy environment in which students can excel."

Is my child too sick to attend school?


A quick reference guide to help decide if you should send your child to school or keep them home


Please KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME with the following symptoms:


  • FEVER: – If your child has a fever 100° F or more, keep them home until they are 24 hours fever free WITHOUT medication. If your child has a fever at 2pm they may not attend school the following day.
  • DIARRHEA/VOMITTING – Keep your child home for 24 hours from the last episode WITHOUT medication.
  • COUGH: A child with heavy cold symptoms, such as deep or uncontrollable coughing or significant lack of energy, belongs at home even without a fever.
  • RUNNY NOSE: Students with a constant runny nose, especially green/yellow in color, and cannot maintain themselves need to stay home.
  • SORE THROAT: Keep a child at home and contact a medical provider for a severe sore throat and if white spots are in the back of the throat, with or without a fever.
  • PINK EYE: Student should be kept at home until evaluated by a medical provider.
  • RASH: Do not send a child with a rash to school until a medical provider has said it is safe to do so – especially with additional symptoms like itching, fever or appearing ill.
  • FLUID-FILLED BLISTERS OF UNKOWN ORIGIN: It is important to have these symptoms evaluated by a medical provider because infection can lead to serious complications.


If your child has minor symptoms (cough, headache, stomach ache, etc.) but is able to function at 75% of their usual capacity, it is OK to send them to school as long as they do not have any of the above symptoms.




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**Salud Clinic/Tdap Walk In Clinic for children without insurance under 18 yrs. old or with MediCal.

500 Jefferson Blvd.  #180, West Sacramento, CA 95605 ,   (916) 403-2900

**Yolo County Health Department

500 Jefferson Blvd.  #180, West Sacramento, CA 96505, (916) 375-6380

Time: call to check

May have a  charge

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