"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

- ancient Chinese proverb
Use technology appropriately! For more information, visit: Common Sense Media

card header iconA Dino in the hand ?...... Augmented Reality with Google Expeditions!

3-D dinosaur appearing to stand on a students hand.

card header iconWant to Receive Reminders on Your Phone?

Welcome 2018-2019 Parents:

Smart phone: open web browser and go to the following link:
and follow the instructions
Text:  81010
Message:  @bhf9a8

to join our class Remind account

*if you are having trouble with 81010, try texting @bhf9a8 to (530) 338-3500

card header iconKeep Up the Reading!

New fluency benchmark goal is 

89-125 correct words per minute    Proficient
126+ correct words per minute       Advanced

card header iconBee Bots Racing at Stu-Con 2018!

card header iconBe Ready to Learn!

Having your child start school on time each day will help ensure their academic success. Each day starts with spiral review helping to make sure every child has multiple opportunities to master learned concepts. If your child is not in the classroom, they miss this vital learning time!

Set that alarm clock 15 minutes earlier so you can make sure your child is up and dressed, has eaten, and is at school by 8:00 and ready to learn!

card header iconLearn About Common Core Standards

card header iconStudent Planners

Student Planners go home every Thursday to be signed by a parent. Important updates to information will be listed in the planner when the need arises. Students need to return their signed planner each Friday. Students will only be given ONE Student Planner a year so please be careful with them!

card header iconHomework

Homework is no longer mandatory. Work pages will go home nightly (Monday through Thursday) for additional practice and we will go over completed pages the next day in class.  By reviewing these pages you can see if they are understanding concepts taught in class. This allows you to understand what your child is learning in school and assess how they are doing as they work on mastering 2nd Grade standards. If your child is not completing class work, then it will go home as homework and must be returned the next day.  Field trip privileges are predicated on consistent  classwork completion. Help your child learn good study habits from the start! Thank you.

card header iconVolunteers

Please make sure you have checked the District Policy  if you wish to help in the classroom or on a field trip.  Thank you!