card header iconWelcome to a New Year in Room 12

It s really exciting to start a new year. The children are enthusiastic and eager to learn! I will be posting some photos of the students and photos of some projects happening in our classroom. 

card header iconStudent Supplies

These are things you can send for YOUR child, not the class!!!!!
  • dry erase markers--the kids go through them quickly
  • Kleenex
I have the tool boxes, crayons, erasers and classroom folders, and everything to make us successful!
Please have crayons and pencils at home for homework!

Thanks so much.

card header iconGerms! Germs! Germs!

We did a great experiment to learn about germs.
We left 1 potato alone, breathed on the second potato, rubbed the third one all over different surfaces of the classroom and passed one around that our hands touched. 
And the potato that looked the worse when we checked them a couple of weeks later is the potato we touched with our hands!

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