Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!
Here is the school supply list:

·   5 section dividers

·   Backpack

·   1 two-three inch binder

·   2-3 pencils or mechanical pencils with extra lead

·   Headphones/ear buds

·   Highlighters in yellow, blue, green, and pink

·   2 black or blue pens, 1 red pen

·  1-2 Dry erase board markers and eraser

·  Colored pencils/markers

·  1 pair of scissors (blunt end)

·  1-2 Glue Sticks

·  USB Flash Drive

·  Pencil sharpener

·  Pencil pouch

·  1-2 reams of binder paper


6th grade


- 1 composition notebook

- 3-ring hole punch inside of the binder


- One 3-subject notebook

- Basic calculator

- Post-it notes


- 1 inch binder

- 5 dividers

- Binder paper



-1 spiral-bound Notebook (100+ pages)



card header iconStudy Sync App

For families on the go, the new textbook adoption has an app for our textbook. Feel free to download the Study Sync app to provide students access to the textbook while you are out and about. It is much easier than carrying around a hard copy.

card header iconDaily Language Instruction Weekly Quizzes

Students have started the "Daily Language Instruction" assignments. These include four lessons of grammar per week. Some weeks we will spend 10 minutes per class period working on DLI while other weeks we will dedicate one class period per week to work on grammar. DLI quizzes will take place on Fridays.  
Students may use their previous worksheets as notes during the quiz.
It is important for students to keep all of their DLI worksheets throughout the entire year as these lessons build off of each other.  

card header iconBinder Reminder

Students should be recording their homework at the beginning of each class period. Please check your child's binder reminder to make sure they are keeping up with recording homework on a regular basis.

card header iconClassroom Calendar