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Room 29 with Mr. Cooper

Don Cooper, 3rd Grade

Room: #29 Phone: (916) 375-7890 Email: click here

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Week #36: We are continuing Unit 6 concepts, grammar and spelling for Language Arts this week. "How Can Setting Goals Affect Us?"  will be the weekly theme. In Math we will be previewing 4th grade concepts and reviewing everything we learned this year.  Please support your child by inspecting their homework before they submit it.
Please also ensure that your child is reading a minimum of 30 minutes each day, this should continue throughout the school year, and hopefully into the summer vacation days, weeks and months.  We don't want them to fall out of practice. The de-codable stories were a great start, but I would like you to understand that the simple picture book stories will not be a part of their 4th grade experience, please encourage them to read more difficult stories. I also encourage you to visit our local library on Merkley Ave and request a library borrowing card for your child if you have not already done so.
Remember, the way to become a better reader is to read!

Vocabulary for the week:
  • communicated--past tense of communicate, meaning to relay information between people
  • essential--absolutely necessary
  • goal--a condition or desire that you set out to achieve 
  • motivated--when a person wants to achieve a goal they are motivated
  • professional--A paid expert at something
  • research--to study or investigate and gain information and knowledge about something
  • serious--to be genuine about something, opposite of silly, frivolous or carefree
  • specialist--a person that has expert knowledge in an area, 

Spelling for the week:
  1. explained
  2. remain
  3. reading
  4. detail
  5. presoak
  6. monkey
  7. brief
  8. preteen
  9. about
  10. allowing
  11. complain
  12. enjoys
  13. poison
  14. repeats
  15. unreal
   Thank you all for your efforts to get your children to school on time.  We get busy right away every day, I don't want them to miss anything.  Regular attendance without absence helps the children immensely.  A lot goes on here everyday.
  Please be aware we are on the Downhill slope, only 12 days left after this week...then you have a 4th grader in your family.

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Pick Good Fit Books
A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:
  • Purpose for reading
  • Interest
  • Can they understand what they are reading?  Can they retell the story?
  • Do they know most of the words?
Ask Questions
  • Predictions
  • Characters
  • Main Idea
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Retell Story
  • Genre
  • Moral or Lesson
Make it Fun
Reading shouldn't be a chore.
  • Intentionally read with your child.
    Together, research topics that interest your child.
  • Do book activities together.
Be an Example
Children learn by example, so let your child see you read, whether it be a book, newspaper, magazine, cookbook, etc.

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This is a brand-new reading program that the kids can participate in at home.
Click Here!

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Our classroom is always welcome to pencils, erasers, binder paper, etc. Your generosity is appreciated.

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