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Room 29 with Mr. Cooper

Don Cooper, 3rd Grade

Room: #29 Phone: (916) 375-7890 Email: click here

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Week #31:  Another week off due to the school shutdown.
 Beginning this week, we are supposed to begin "Distance Learning".  I encourage you to send me your questions, suggestions, and even advice on how things are working or not working for you all, my email address is
Just so confusing for me, after 20 years as an effective classroom instructor, I am now facing the largest challenge of my professional life.  Transitioning to a total online form of teaching.  I am going to make mistakes as we all are in unchartered waters.  The district expectation is that your 3rd graders have 2 and a half hours of work everyday.  Sounds logical, but keep in mind that I realize some students can finish that amount of work in half the time, and on the other side of the coin, others will need twice as much time to accomplish the same amount of work.  
So, with that stated, please encourage your child to continue with their Lexia, Math Reflex and Prodigy accounts.  The books can be best utilized by having your child read the stories and chapters/lessons that we have not already finished in the classroom.  The Science and Reflections social studies books offer the more challenging and interesting depth of learning for your student/child.  They can work at their own pace depending  on interest.  I will be making assignments regularly on google classroom, accessable via the wusd portal.  Your child needs to complete my posted assignments as well as the VAPA and P.E. classroom assignments.  My class, room 29, will no longer need to participate in the SHARED Classroom assignments.  We are no longer using that google classroom at all.
This is the beginning of the end of distance learning for May, we will finish by June and school vacation will officially begin.  Hang in there, only 4 more weeks and you'll have 4th graders on your hands.

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Pick Good Fit Books
A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:
  • Purpose for reading
  • Interest
  • Can they understand what they are reading?  Can they retell the story?
  • Do they know most of the words?
Ask Questions
  • Predictions
  • Characters
  • Main Idea
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Retell Story
  • Genre
  • Moral or Lesson
Make it Fun
Reading shouldn't be a chore.
  • Intentionally read with your child.
    Together, research topics that interest your child.
  • Do book activities together.
Be an Example
Children learn by example, so let your child see you read, whether it be a book, newspaper, magazine, cookbook, etc.

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This is a brand-new reading program that the kids can participate in at home.
Click Here!

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Our classroom is always welcome to pencils, erasers, binder paper, etc. Your generosity is appreciated.

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