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Mrs. Clarion

Room: # Phone: (916) 375-7890 Email: click here

10/13 2nd Grade Distribution 8:30-3:30
We are starting a new unit in math call "Number Concepts".The essential question are "What are some different ways to count number of items quickly?" and " What are different ways to read and write numbers up to 1000?"
We are starting a new unit Animal Adaptations.  We will cover the Essential Questions:
"How do animals adapt to survive in their environment?
"How can we read, understand, and share information in clear and engaging ways?
You can expect homework Monday-Thursday.  The students will receive a Binder Reminder the first day of school.  In the Binder Reminder your child will write down the homework for the day. Besides nightly homework, a student might bring home unfinished work to complete.
Your child has been provided with all necessary supplies for use in the classroom. Students may bring to class:
  • a pencil sharpener with a cover 
If you would like to contribute to our classroom supplies, these items may be brought in throughout the year.
  • kleenex
  • pencils (#2)
  • zip lock bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich)
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