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Drop Off and Pickup Procedures

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Our main concern is the safety of all of our students and families.  Please work together with the staff at Southport so all children will be safe during drop off and pick up times.

  • Single file car line, please no passing.
  • Please do not use the middle aisle to drop off or pick up.
  • Please do not leave your car unattended (please keep moving).
  • Please do not park in red zones.
  • Please do not drop off or pick up students in the designated bus area. That sidewalk is reserved for school buses only.
  • Please do not drop off or pick up students along Linden Road near the marquee. There is a bike lane and the street parking has been removed. If you are in the right lane to enter the school, you will need to follow the flow of traffic through the parking lot and pick up your child in front of the school. Students should not be exiting or entering a vehicle that is in the traffic lane.
  • Pick up your child at the STOP sign near the office and follow the line of cars out. Please do not pass the cars in front of you.
  • No u-turns in the parking lot.
  • If walking, please cross at the crosswalk only. Please do not walk through the parking lot. The children see the parents crossing in the middle of the street and they will imitate that behavior. Please set a good example for our students and demonstrate proper safety procedures.
  • The small side streets off of Constitution Way are privately owned. Please do not park or block the side streets or use them to turn around.
  • When picking up at the church, please enter on the right-hand driveway and exit on the far left driveway.
  • Please do not park in designated handicap parking spaces if you do not have a placard.  
  • Above all, remember, we want to keep all of the children and families safe.