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I have such a great class this year! The kids are happy and excited about learning. Skill levels have been increasing already this year. Children are learning about new concepts in Math, Science and Social Studies, and learning how to be a good student as well. We are currently planning several exciting field trips this year. Our first field trip will likely be to Sutter's Fort and The California Indian Museum in  downtown Sacramento.Thanks in advance for sending your child to school on time and ready to learn. Homework is expected to be done each night and returned the next day.

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Children are well behaved and eager to learn. I'm happy to see almost everyone is arriving on time, in uniform and ready for school. Be sure kids get plenty of rest and have a good breakfast. Also be sure they bring only healthy snacks. Thanks.

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Here's a great way to learn lots of new things and at the same time do awesome work of charity. Just set up an account at and watch as your donations and your vocabulary grow. Hungry people all over the world are currently receiving the good will and generosity of children as they enjoy the gift of giving.  Check it out!

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The old statement that time on task tells the tale is still true today. Research clearly shows that when children read for twenty to thirty minutes each day the results can be amazing. 

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Please review multiplication facts with your student daily so that they will be able to successfully access all the curriculum in the coming weeks and months. Mastery can be defined as being able to verbalize any given fact in less than 3 seconds. This may be a difficult challenge for some students but the payoff is huge as he/she goes through this and coming school years. When they master facts they easily see connections related to division, and fraction concepts. Addition and Subtraction facts are also important and need to be refreshed often.

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