All Wednesdays are minimum days, school is out at 1:10 pm.         

3/29 Spirit Day- Pajama Day
3/29 Muffins with Mr. A @ 7:30 am
3/29 Family Dance Night @ 6 pm
This week we started a new math unit on 2-digit subtraction. Students will be able draw a model and break apart tens into ones if needed. They will be able to break the numbers into expanded form to find the difference.
Our new unit is on Island Life. Students will be reading informational texts. They will understand the main idea and author's purpose helps them better understand a text. Also, students will see how comparing and contrasting different landforms helps them understand and form opinions about the world around them. 
You can expect homework Monday-Thursday.  The students will receive a Binder Reminder the first day of school.  In the Binder Reminder your child will write down the homework for the day. Besides nightly homework, a student might bring home unfinished work to complete.
Your child has been provided with all necessary supplies for use in the classroom. Students may bring to class:
  • a pencil sharpener with a cover 
If you would like to contribute to our classroom supplies, these items may be brought in throughout the year.
  • kleenex
  • pencils (#2)
  • zip lock bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich)
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