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Now's the time to bring your math books back! If you checked out more than one book, be sure to bring them both back. (Trust me, you do NOT want to pay for them!) 


For the next 2 weeks, 7th graders will be working on a Business 101 project, where they create a business idea and start to make a plan. They get to pick their own partner to work with and are responsible for all of the work. 


Thanks to all of the students who took the opportunity to have a place to get work done and receive extra help! 


The Homework assignments are now easier to find! On the right-hand calendar, hover over (or click on) a date to see the assignment that's due that day. 


Students are now required to complete at least 30 minutes each week on a website called “MobyMax.” This should be done on their own time, as additional homework. 

MobyMax can be accessed on computer or smartphone. If students do not have access to these devices at home, they can use school computers during breaks or after school. 

To access MobyMax: 

  • School code: ca8533
  • Username: first name + last initial
  • Password: first name + last initial

MobyMax allows them to practice math skills at their personal level, which is determined by a pre-test. The website tracks each student’s skills, helps them when needed, challenges them when they’re ready, and rewards them with game time after they’ve completed enough math minutes. 


Students will need the following supplies for 7th grade math:

--Notebooks (spiral or composition)
--Pencils (for doing all math work)
--Pens (for correcting work) 

Needed for other classes:

--Coloring pencils, crayons, etc. 
--Binder paper

Optional but recommended supplies...

--Calculator (basic)
--Pencil sharpener

If students have trouble obtaining their own supplies, they can talk to me about getting some.


7th and 8th grades will be using College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) textbooks. This curriculum has students learn math through collaborative problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Students will work in teams! 

Students AND parents can get help with the material at home. Online, there is both "Homework Help" (which gives hints on problems) and "Parent Guide" (which provides explanations and extra problems for each concept). Both of these are linked on the left-hand menu here. 


Hello! This is my third year teaching at Southport Elementary. This year, I'm teaching 7th Grade Math, 6th grade AVID, and the Journalism elective. I'm very excited to see all of the collaboration!

I hope that all students become comfortable and successful with math. I am available for extra help before and after school, as needed. I hope that parents and students will share any concerns with me throughout the year -- via phone, email, in person, suggestion box, etc.