Open House

Our annual open house get together will be this Wednesday May 10th from 5:00 to 6:30pm.  Food trucks will be on site.

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Weekly Vocabulary

  1. memories--times and things remembered
  2. trillion--one thousand times one billion
  3. terrapins--turtles that live mainly in rivers/ponds
  4. buglers--people who play the bugle or trumpet
  5. rescue--to save or free something or someone

Don Cooper

Week 35  May 15th  through  May 19th , 2017


 Unit 5 Theme—Storytelling


           This week’s story:    Aunt Flossies Hats    pgs 180---191


Comprehension Skill:   Sequencing

How appropriate that we finish the year with a week that focuses on strengthening their ability to place the order of the story in sequence.  Every situation follows a pattern of development, the school curriculum, your own students’ development, and even the school year.  They now have some skills to use when attempting to draw meaning from the stories they read.

Vocabulary and Spelling:

Attached is the Home Connection sheet with their weekly vocab/spelling words.


Writing Development

The focus this week will be on writing a play.  They will learn and practice the ability to write character dialogue that fit in with the development of their plot. I am not personally real strong in teaching this skill, but usually the children love it and their natural creativity flows. Our focus in grammar this week will be on simple and compound sentences, and the proper use of colons, conjunctions and interjections.


Our math program is basically completed, we will be finishing up some lessons that your child will find valuable next year in 4th grade.


Social Studies/Science

            We will continue reading the books for gaining knowledge and for enjoyment.  We can now finish the last chapters which will be of great interest to your children.  We have completed both books this year, which is a first for my classes.


            This will be my last newsletter for this year, …..yeah!  Let me say that it has been a pleasure and an honor to educate your children this year. They have been a most wonderful bunch.  Best wishes to you and your families, I hope I have sparked the educational interest of your child into a flame!!  I have tried to do my job well.  The awards ceremony in the cafeteria will be Friday the 26th at 8:15.  Please contact me with any questions you might have.  The last week is a three day week, Monday which is a national holiday will be followed by full days Tues, Wed, and Thursday.



Wishing you all, a Great Summer,


Mr. Cooper


Our classroom is always welcome to pencils, erasers, binder paper, etc.  Your generosity is appreciated.

Lexia log in

This is a brand new reading program that the kids can participate in at home

Weekly spelling words

  1. police
  2. wrote
  3. plunge
  4. huge
  5. quake
  6. seven
  7. shelf
  8. city
  9. stripe
  10. spray
  11. racing
  12. whole
  13. buttons
  14. story
  15. engines

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