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Weekly Vocabulary

  1. courageous--brave
  2. extremely--very very
  3. weird--strange or mysterious
  4. free verse--poetry that is not limited by rules of grammar
  5. narrative poem--a poem that tells a story
  6. repetition--repeating something over and over
  7. rhyme--verse with a reoccurring sound

Don Cooper


Week 28       March 20th  through   March  24th , 2017


 Unit 4 Theme—Meet the Challenge

   This week’s story:  The Winningest Woman pgs 360-385


Comprehension Skill:   Ask and Answer Questions

Identifying textual questions and arriving at possible answers helps students gain a deeper understanding of what they read.  When you read this story with your child ask them to point out cause and effect relationships in the story and then ask questions related to them.  They should attempt to make inferences and draw conclusions when considering questions and answers. This week we enjoy a folktale and examine the Authors point of view in the story.  This is a new Reading Program and we will be utilizing it for at least the next five weeks, possibly longer. This week we have poetry as our Genre.

 Vocabulary and Spelling:

On the margins are the weekly vocab/spelling words.



The focus this week will be on designing a narrative/poetry paragraph.  If you read this newsletter weekly you have noticed that this is the second or third week in which a narrative paragraph has been the object of our attention.  This particular writing is emphasized over other types, because we want our children to be able to express themselves in practical useful ways, and to use textual evidence to support their opinions. Our focus in grammar this week will be on irregular verbs.



            This week we continue with our study of 3rd grade multiplication concepts.  Students are studying place value, and how it relates to multiplication.  They are learning how to use place value and the base 10 number system to multiply larger numbers.   

            The children have been taking the CAASPP practice test in our computer lab.  The test require them to read, comprehend, and respond to the information.  Although some of the questions are multiple choice, others require the children to use the keyboard to type in their written responses.  This is problematic for many, due to their inexperience with typing/keyboarding. So if you have a computer at home, any keyboarding activities you can access on the internet will help improve their ability.  To see what type of questions they will be dealing with, simply google CAASPP to access the practice test website.



Mr. Cooper

Don Cooper Locker

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Our classroom is always welcome to pencils, erasers, binder paper, etc.  Your generosity is appreciated.

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This is a brand new reading program that the kids can participate in at home

Weekly spelling words

  1. pounce
  2. cents
  3. mice
  4. age
  5. changes
  6. message
  7. gyms
  8. office
  9. price
  10. placed
  11. dice
  12. space
  13. wage
  14. giant
  15. pages

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