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Parent Resources to Support Reading Comprehension


Reading Comprehension: How You Can Help at Home


Sleep and Your Child


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Supporting Math Learning at Home


Ways a Parent Can Help with Reading



Mr. Cooper---Room 29

Week #7 We are In Unit Two lesson 1 for Language Arts this week.  In Math we will be finishing Chap. 3; Laying the foundation for multiplication success.

Please ensure your child is reading a minimum of 30 minutes each day


Remember, the way to become a better reader is to read! Please encourage your child to read at home, and remember, third graders still like to be read to!

Vocabulary for the week:

1. attempt: To try to do something

2. awkward: uncoordinated, bumbling, ill at ease

3. cooperation: Ability to get along well with others

4. created:  Build or make something

5. furiously:  To work in an angry manner, extreme anger

6. interfere:  to stop or interrupt something without being asked

7. involve: to be a party to something

8. timid:  shy, withdrawn, opposite of outgoing


Spelling words for the week:

1. sky                    9.  fry

2. tied                  10.  pie

3. tight                 11.  right

4. bright               12. grind

5. child                13. cube

6. cute                 14. mule

7. drew                15. music

8. few




Please continue to try for perfect attendance this year!!!




Find a book at your child's lexile

Keyboarding Practice

Khan Academy

Go Math! Think Central

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families



Building a Reader at Home

Pick Good Fit Books

A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:

  • Purpose for reading
  • Interest
  • Can they understand what they are reading?  Can they retell the story?
  • Do they know most of the words?

Ask Questions

  • Predictions
  • Characters
  • Main Idea
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Retell Story
  • Genre
  • Moral or Lesson

Make it Fun

Reading shouldn't be a chore.

  • Intentionally read with your child.
  • Together, research topics that interest your child.
  • Do book activities together.

Be an Example

Children learn by example, so let your child see you read whether it be a book, newspaper, magazine, cookbook, etc.


Our classroom is always welcome to pencils, erasers, binder paper, etc.  Your generosity is appreciated.

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This is a brand new reading program that the kids can participate in at home