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Mrs. Clarion

Parent Conferences

Conferences are Monday, October 23- Friday, October 27.

Please sign up for a conference time using the following link:



10/18 Minimum Days- School starts at 8:00 AM

10/19 VAPA Concert @ 8:15 AM-9:00 AM 

10/23-10/27 Parent Conferences- Minimum Days

10/27 Spirit Day - 80s Day

10/27 Picture Make-up Day

10/27 Family Movie Night @ 6 PM

10/31 Field Trip to Main Drain Garden @ 8:30 am-10:30 am

Make sure to wear walking shoes.







 Our new unit is basic facts and relationships. The chapter's essential question: How can you use patterns and strategies to find sums and differences for basic facts? Each lesson has its own essential question:


3-6 What are some ways to remember differences?

3-7 How does getting to 10 in subtraction help when finding differences?

3-8 How are bar models used to show addition and subtraction problems?

3-9 How are number sentences used to show addition and subtraction situations?


This week we start a new unit on Animal Discoveries. The big idea for the unit is: How do animals play a part in the world around us?  The essential question for the week is: How do animals survive? This week two realistic fiction stories will be read:" A Visit to the Desert" and "Sled Dogs Run".

You can expect homework Monday-Thursday.  The students will receive a Binder Reminder the first day of school.  In the Binder Reminder your child will write down the homework for the day. Besides nightly homework, a student might bring home unfinished work to complete.


Your child has been provided with all necessary supplies for use in the classroom. Students may bring to class:

 *a pencil sharpener with a cover 


If you would like to contribute to our classroom supplies, these items may be brought in throughout the year.


*pencils (#2)

*zip lock bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich)

Reading Fluency

51-105 words per minute   Proficient

106+ words per minute       Advanced

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