Common Sense Certified Educator: Digital Citizenship 2016-17

Common Sense Certified Educator: Digital Citizenship

Innovative Educator

Our Classroom is an Innovative Educator Classroom


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Use technology appropriately!

For more information on how to

visit: Common Sense Media


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Mrs. Schatzel and Romeo

Romeo and myself

Mrs. Schatzel Locker

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Mrs. Schatzel

Our Country and Its People(Open Court)

As we wind down the 2016-2017 school year we will finish with a study of Our Country and Its People for our Language Arts Unit and in math we will be studying geometry and fractions.  The next four weeks will be filled with activities, a field trip, and lots of fun!


Over the next few weeks I will be sending home outdated curriculum for the students to use at home over the summer. It will give additional practice on reading, spelling, and grammar. 


Upcoming Events:

May 10 - Open House

May 18 - Horsin' Around Field Trip at Westmore Oaks

May 19 - VAPA Performance

May 24 - Awards Ceremony

June 1 - Field Day, Hot Dog Lunch, and Last Day of School



Bee Bots make an appearance at Stu Con 2017

Bee Bots make an appearance at Stu Con 2017

Innovative Educator Information

Throughout the year I will be teaching lessons from Common Sense Media. These lessons will help the students be better Digital Citizens.


Be sure to check my new link to Common Sense Media. This is a great resource for parents and teachers to help guide children into the complicated world of technology.

Spelling for Our Country and Its People (Open Court)


Lesson 1 “The First Americans

Words with prefixes

redo   retake   rename  retry  retest  uneven   unpack  unlock  unroll  unsure

BONUS:  return, uncomfortable



Lesson 2 New Hope  – May 15th


Words with suffixes

useless   clueless    jobless   shapeless   helpless   playful    hopeful   harmful    shameful    wonderful

BONUS:  wordless, faithful



Lesson 3 “Story of the Statue of Liberty”  – May 22nd  


Compound Words

maybe   inside   bedroom   lunchroom    myself    nobody    sunrise     himself    railroad     everyone

BONUS:  playground, watermelon


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Vocabulary for Our Country and Its People(Open Court)

Wk. 1 – “The First Americans” (May 8 - 12)


wampum                        small, polished beads made from shells and stung togehter or woven into belts, collars, and necklaces. Used by                                        some Native Americans as money.

tundra                          a huge plain with no trees that lies in arctic regions

tepees                             a tent shaped like a cone. A tepee is made from animal skins stretched over poles

warriors                           a person who fights or is experienced in fighting battles



Wk 2 – “New Hope” (May 15 - 19)


recycling                      using throw away items for another purpose

ferried                          carried across a body of water

brisk                            quick and lively

bustling                        busy

invitation                       a written request to do something

citizens                         people who live in a town or city



Wk 3 – “The Story of the Statue of Liberty” (May 22 - 26)


harbor                         a protected area of water along a coast

ferry                            a boat used to carry people and things across a narrow body of water

monuments                a structure made to honor a person or event

symbol                        something that represents something else

voyage                         a long trip, usually by ship




Classroom and Home Supplies

This year I have provided the students with 6 pencils and an eraser in a pencil box  I do not have a pencil sharpener in my room, so the students know they need to take care of their pencils. Once a week I sharpen all the pencils and replace well used ones for each child. If they have the 6 pencils and the eraser in their pencil box they will receive a small prize.

I have provided the student's with pencils, crayons, a red pen, and an eraser.  The student's should also have a duplicate of everything I have provided, as well as, what's on the list below.  The second set of supplies should be kept at home in the Homework area of your home.

Helpful to have in class:

a hard sided pencil box (with your student's name on it)

a pencil sharpener with a cover

2 pencils

an eraser

Replacement crayons and supplies may be asked for in the middle of the year, depending on how careful your student is with their supplies.

Scholastic Book Orders






Next book order due by: 



Look for books that are within 200 points of your child's Lexile Range if you want them to read independently. 

Made with Code

Google has a website for girls that is titled Made with Code. It gives some information about coding and the types of things you can do with coding background. Best yet, it has fun activities for the children to complete.


Here is the URL:


Have fun sharing this acitivity with your daughter.