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Use technology appropriately!

For more information on how to

visit: Common Sense Media


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Mrs. Schatzel

Live and Learn (Wonders Pilot)

For the next four weeks your child will be using McGraw Hill's  Wonders language arts program. You will not receive a copy of the weekly story on Mondays.


Spelling tests will still be on Friday but your child will now have 15 weekly words to learn (find them on the weekly newsletter and class webpage). We are focusing on spelling patterns for the next four weeks so you can add additional words with that pattern if you wish.


For this pilot, they will work on their vocabulary words in class so there will not be a hard copy vocabulary coming home.


Our Second Grade Team looks forward to any observations/input you may have as a parent regarding the Wonders program so please write down your thoughts and send them to school with your child.


Thank you for your support as we work together to make sure your child has all the skills needed to be college and career ready in our ever-changing global society!

Innovative Educator Information

Throughout the year I will be teaching lessons from Common Sense Media. These lessons will help the students be better Digital Citizens.


Be sure to check my new link to Common Sense Media. This is a great resource for parents and teachers to help guide children into the complicated world of technology.

Live and Learn (Wonders Pilot)


Week 1 " The Earth's Forces (Feb. 21st)


amazing:    very surprising or make you feel wonder

force:         a push or a pull that can change how something moves

measure:    find the size or amount of something

objects:      things that you can see or touch

proved:      show that it is true

speed:       how fast something moves

true:          not false

weight:      how heavy something is



Week 2 " Look at the Sky" (Feb. 27th)


adventure:    doing exciting and unusual things

delighted:     feel very pleased about something

dreamed:     imagined it happened

enjoyed:       liked doing something

grumbled:     made a low rumbling sound

moonlight:    the moon's golw that you often see at night

neighbor:      a person who lives near you

nighttime:     the dark part of the day



Week 3 " Weather Alert!" (Mar. 6th)


damage:       injury or harm that happens to something

dangerous:   not safe and could harm you

destroy:        break it so it cannot be used anymore

event:           something that happens

harsh:           difficult and does not feel good

prevent:        stop it from happening

warning:        something that lets people know that something dangerous may happen

weather:       what the air is like at a certain place and time


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Classroom and Home Supplies

This year I have provided the students with 6 pencils and an eraser in a pencil box  I do not have a pencil sharpener in my room, so the students know they need to take care of their pencils. Once a week I sharpen all the pencils and replace well used ones for each child. If they have the 6 pencils and the eraser in their pencil box they will receive a small prize.

I have provided the student's with pencils, crayons, a red pen, and an eraser.  The student's should also have a duplicate of everything I have provided, as well as, what's on the list below.  The second set of supplies should be kept at home in the Homework area of your home.

Helpful to have in class:

a hard sided pencil box (with your student's name on it)

a pencil sharpener with a cover

2 pencils

an eraser

Replacement crayons and supplies may be asked for in the middle of the year, depending on how careful your student is with their supplies.

Scholastic Book Orders






Next book order due by: 



Look for books that are within 200 points of your child's Lexile Range if you want them to read independently. 

Made with Code

Google has a website for girls that is titled Made with Code. It gives some information about coding and the types of things you can do with coding background. Best yet, it has fun activities for the children to complete.


Here is the URL:


Have fun sharing this acitivity with your daughter.

Live and Learn (Wonders Pilot)


Week 1 – Long a sound (Feb. 21st)


nail, train, main, hay, stay, break, steak, weigh, sleigh, prey, scrape, strange, good, often, two



Week 2 –Long i sound (Feb. 27th)


light, sight, mind, cry, tie, high, wild, dry, try, lie, hay, steak, begin, those, apart



Week 3 – Long e sound (Mar. 6th)


we, bee, need, queen, mean, leaf, thief, chief, pony, keys, grow, toe, after, every, special



Week 4 – Long o sound (Mar. 13th)


told, most, float, coat, toast, grow, mow, show, Joe, toe, light, mind, only, our, who